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Covid-19 Policy


  • You will receive an appointment reminder 24 hours before.  

  • If you, or anyone you live with, feels ill or displays any symptoms, however mild, of covid-19 please advise me as soon as possible and do not come into the salon for your appointment. You will not be charged for any appointments you cancel due to illness.  

  • If I feel ill or have symptoms associated with covid-19 I will self isolate immediately. This will mean I may need to cancel appointments short notice. Although I know this might be inconvenient, it is done entirely for your own safety. I will contact you as soon as possible to rebook.  




  • Please attend appointments on your own. 

  • Please arrive to your appointment on time. Appointments will be carefully staggered so as to avoid contact with James-Miller Hair clients. 

  • We will be operating a closed front door policy so, on arrival, please wait outside the building and I will collect you when it is safe to do so. 

  • All clients will be required to wear a face mask during treatments , as social distancing is not possible. You are welcome to wear your own face mask or a disposable face mask can be purchased for a small surcharge.  

  • I will ask you to sanitise your hands on entry to the treatment room. 

  • Please do not bring bags to your appointment, other than a handbag.  

  • If you wish to use your phone during your treatment, I will ask you to put it in my UV sterilisation unit, on arrival, to kill any germs. 





  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser will be available for you to use at all times during your treatment. 

  • I will wash and sanitise my hands at the beginning of all treatments. I will be wearing a face mask and appropriate PPE at all times. 

  • The card machine will be disinfected after every use.  

  • Throughout treatments, I will be using disposable items where possible. All disposable items will be bagged and safely removed from the treatment area between each client.  



  • In between every appointment I will disinfect and sterilise all tools and equipment in line with the specific manufacturers instructions, sanitise all work surfaces, door handles and hand rails in communal areas. I will disinfect my PPE after every treatment. 

  • The bathroom and communal hallways will be cleaned regularly. 

  • If you have any concerns at any point before, during or after your appointment please let me know.   


All of these procedures have been implemented for your safety. I will continue to take advice from the government and the NHS regarding safe practice and will amend as necessary.  

This policy is subject to change following the release of government guidelines. 

Thank you for understanding and patience. 


The Lash Loft  

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