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lashes & brows

For all treatments involving a tint, please ensure a patch test is carried out a minimum of 24 hours prior to the treatment. 

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classic lashes

Classic Lashes Full Set - £70 ​

Classic Lashes Infills - £35

Classic lashes are individually applied to your lashes to add length.


These let your own lashes shed naturally and we recommend that you have them infilled every two weeks.

volume lashes

Volume Lashes Full Set - £90

Volume Lashes Infills - £45

Volume lashes are created by applying a handmade fan to each individual lash.

They are finer and fluffier than classic lashes and add volume and length to your natural lashes.

We apply between 3-8 lashes to each of the lashes. 

Your lashes are able to shed naturally in-between treatments and we recommend that you have them infilled every 3 weeks. 

hybrid lashes

Hybrid Lashes Full Set - £80

Hybrid Lashes Infills - £40

Hybrid lashes are for the client who wants length and slight volume.

These are a mix of classic and volume lashes.


We recommend that you have these infilled every 2-3 weeks.

lash lift and tint

Price - £50

Lash lift treatment lifts and curls your own natural lashes from the root.

This gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes with no maintenance. 

It takes about 1 hour and is a closed eye treatment so you can relax the whole time.

It lasts 6-8 weeks and includes a lash tint.

Please note that a patch test is needed 24 hours prior to the treatment.

brow definition

Price - £30

This brow treatment includes a tint, design, and measuring of the brows, waxing, plucking and trimming to create the perfectly defined brow.

The treatment is finished by applying powder and highlighter to the brow. 

express brow definition

Price - £25

This is for the client that has had the brow definition treatment and is returning within 6 weeks for a top-up. 

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